chance find

This afternoon we went to visit grandma and buy some fruit in the market and since an acquaintance asked me to see if I could get him a gaiwan I also had a look around the pottery shops nearby. Because they do mostly sell Yixing clay products I had no luck today finding any jindezhen I was looking for, but i saw some beautiful things.

little yixing pots

little yixing potsI placed them on a 10元 note just for size comparison, they are of course not available anywhere near that range. Despite their dirty appearance and imperfections they where locked away in a cabinet and I could not have them on my available fruit budget… or on an impulse buy budget at all for that matter.

In a shop next door I found some pots made more recently:

little yixing pots, new little yixing pots, new little yixing pots, new

unsurprisingly, also over my fruit budget. Like on Facebook

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