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How zisha clay teapots are made [part 2]

In the last post I showed you the tools used to make zisha teapots, now I’d like to give some impressions how that is actually done. It of course all starts with a piece of zisha clay, also known as purple clay which is portioned. For most classic teapots at first two pieces are flattened and shaped, one will become the teapots wall and the other the bottom.

In the next steps the wall and bottom pieces are aligned and brought together and soon thereafter the individual shaping starts. Whilst the pot is rotating the wall is supported with one hand from inside whilst shaped by continuous hits with a paddle from the outside. The paddling is also what keeps the momentum of the potter’s wheel.

Additional pieces are used to close the pot and add material, some of which is cut out again in a later stage to make the lid.

The closed pot is left to rest for a while to let it dry a bit.
This increases stability before additional parts like the nozzle and handle are attached, …

…but more on that in my next post.

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