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2011 Yixing Tea Harvest

This year the tea harvest started a bit later due to the weather conditions but now finally it’s time.

For one reason or another I still didn’t manage to go visit Chái Lín Jūn’s tea-farm to take some pictures despite them already picking now the second day. 

In between we’ve been here though.

Fruit and other trees are grown between the tea bushes. Still without leaves this time of year but during the hot summer months their shade will protect the tea plants as well as keep them small and leaves tender.

The tea factory that produces from these fields was in Japanese hands before but has been sold back since then I’ve been told.


Inside its very roomy and clean.



Fairly modern equipment is being used to produce the tea.


Still handmade, but the temperature controlled and hot-air powered machines give an impressive result.

A whole day of picking with 140 workers on the 30th of March 2011 resulted in this much tea ->


Not exactly a lot and no one thinks they made any profit that day, but the quality is very fine indeed.

There was practically no sorting of tea done that first day as everything picked looked like the above.
In the next few days to come volume will increase of course.  Like on Facebook

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