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More on Yixing clay

The other day I wrote that I’d post some impressions of Yixing clays, so here we go. We visited a local (and official) clay factory. Its name is 亨利陶瓷厂(Hēnglì táocí chǎng) and they are a supplier XuJianQing uses(not exclusively though).

the sign translates to ‘high quality zisha clay’

the sign reads ‘ready product storage’

and inside their storage & sales area it looks like this:
Inside clay storage area with Yixing zisha clays ready for sale
Inside clay storage area with Yixing zisha clays ready for sale

as this post would probably be too picture heavy if I include all the pictures I list thumbnails instead.

DiCaoQing Yixing clayPinZiHeiXing Yixing clayHongQingShuiNi Yixing clayPinzi40muHuangJinZhiMa Yixing clay
TeZiPin Yixing clayJuHuangDuanNi Yixing clayTeZi_JiangNanYiSe Yixing clayZiLiNi_HongQingShuiNi Yixing clayJiangNanYiSe Yixing clay
LaoDuanNi-HuangJinZhiMa Yixing clayXinPinzi Yixing clayZaoHongNi Yixing clayLaoDuanNi Yixing clay
LongXueSha Yixing clayZiQingShuiNi Yixing clayMeiHong Yixing clay (click to see a bigger version)

all of the above clays are readily available to basically anyone who pulls out the money. Next time I’ll show some pictures of the processing equipment used as well as the storage of unprocessed material which has been sitting in their yard for years. No clay sold in there is younger than at least 6 years I have been told.

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