About Yixing clay and the current situation

some people might be interested to get some impressions about Yixing clay so I
thought I share some pictures in this and some of the next few posts.

I’ll start with Huanglongshan, which is probably the most famous and well known clay
mining area for Yixing clay. I took a few pictures the other day when i was hunting for
dragon kilns

The day we went there I’ve seen heavy machinery at work and it already fooled me for a second into the belief there might be some mining going on again. That’s not the case, they where just building some pathway or entrance for pedestrian access.

Looking a bit closer at the surface one can tell that there is of course some clay to be found still.

Most of it is long gone though. The backside of Huanglongshan where the mining went the deepest is a little pond now. Access there is apparently somewhat restricted or at least discouraged as most people are non-swimmers.

In another former mine (not for clay) just 1km away is a quite popular spot for swimming
which I often frequent myself in summer, but there too it is not officially allowed to swim
despite a local swimming club having a building and annual swimming competitions are
being held there.

Anyways, I got sidetracked a bit, back to Huanglongshan. Just because official mining has stopped there, at least for now, doesn’t mean no clay from there is available anymore. Quite a bit has been stored already long ago and in one of the next posts I’ll show yard pictures of one of the official local clay suppliers as well as some processing equipment. But even now, illegal mining on Huanglongshan takes place almost every night. And not only there.
You can see on the following pictures freshly dug holes on Huanglongshan where people scraped out what they deemed to be useful.

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