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How zisha clay teapots are made [part 1]

Handmade zisha clay teapots (chinese: 紫砂壶) made in the region of Yixing are well known for their simplicity and exquisite craftsmanship. In this and the following posts I like to write a bit about how they are made. Most of the famous Yixing pottery is made in studios and workshops right in the pottery market or Dingshan and surrounding villages, all located a bit south of Yixing city and the tools used to make the pots haven’t changed much in centuries, Tools used to make zisha clay pots
at the most the material used to make some of the tools has evolved a bit.

Tools used to make zisha clay pots
The tools are still simple, the sophistication lies in the skills to use them.

Tools used to make zisha clay pots

If you are interested in authentic handmade Yixing pottery but can not afford to buy a piece of an established artist there, you can try to find studios where the master accepted students. They would be happy and proud to make a sale and you probably get a chance to watch too. For all who can’t visit the pottery market in person but still want to see how those tools are used make sure you don’t miss my next post.

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Yixing is truly the chinese pottery capital

To get a few impressions have a look at this video. I hope you enjoy it.

For all of you who can’t visit this beautiful city and its famous pottery market
you can find some interesting links on the right hand side.

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Welcome to the tea and pottery blog

Here at the tea and pottery blog we believe in tranquility lies the key to strength
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